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Abstract deadline for Poster Presentations - 15 July 2013



The objectives of the ICMRM are to communicate recent developments in high-resolution, spatially resolved magnetic resonance methods and applications.  This is a relatively small meeting (150-200 participants) with single session speakers and part of its strength stems from the eclectic background of participants traditionally focused on areas of non-clinical applications of magnetic resonance in science and engineering. The 1st ICMRM was held in 1991 in Heidelberg and was originally known as the "Heidelberg Conferenceā€œ.  It is the biennial conference of the Division of Spatially Resolved Magnetic Resonance of the AMPERE Society.


The 9th Colloquium on Mobile NMR (CMMR9) will be part of the conference. The objectives of the CMMR are to communicate the development and applications of Mobile Magnetic Resonance, and to promote hands-on experience of mobile NMR equipment.

Local Organising Committee

Lynn Gladden, Andy Sederman, Melanie Britton,
Dan Holland, Mike Johns, Mick Mantle